Developing and disseminating knowledge
The Kohnstamm Instituut is a knowledge and research centre in the field of education, child rearing and child welfare. The institute has been part of UvA Holding since October 2009.
The Kohnstamm Instituut operates independently in the market for research projects, specializing in commissioned research. The key objective is to develop and disseminate knowledge in the aforementioned fields of research. Core research themes are improving opportunities for children and young people and improving the quality of education, child rearing and child welfare.

Independent, scientific and reliable
The Kohnstamm Instituut works for a wide range of clients. These include central and local government, the education sector, expertise centres (such as ECPO (Evaluation and Advisory Committee for Fitting Education), VO-raad (Secondary Education Council), MBO-raad (Intermediate Vocational Education Council), Education Council, Knowledge Network, SBO (Centre of Expertise on the Dutch Education Labour Market)) and the business sector.

Research is carried out from a university perspective. The central characteristics of the institute are its scientific nature, independence and reliability and, where possible, the institute endeavours to combine basic and applied research.
The relevance of the research with regard to practical situations and policy is considered to be of vital importance. The institute would like its research to contribute towards clarifying and resolving social issues. That is why knowledge is actively disseminated by means of publications, lectures, conference presentations and recommendations and by contributing to the social debate.

Great care is applied to client communication during the research projects to ensure these meet the specific individual requirements.

Interdisciplinary teamwork
The institute researchers carry out research in various fields: child rearing, pedagogy, psychology, sociology and language sciences. Many of them hold a PhD and actively participate in research forums. A combination of experts is sought for each research project; research is almost always teamwork.

Quality control
The Kohnstamm Instituut is a member of the VBO (Association for Policy Research), a sector organization that aims to enhance the professionalism of policy research. The institute works in accordance with an ISO-9001 certified quality system.

NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research)
NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) (NWO) awards the research staff of the Kohnstamm Instituut grants for both basic research and research which can be classified as more policy oriented. The Kohnstamm Instituut receives grants from specific programmes within NWO/MAGW, such as the PROO Programme (Education Research Council Programme), COOL (Education Cohort Research), and Pre-COOL (Pre-school Education Cohort Research) and BOPO (Primary Education Policy Research).

Participation and co-operation in international networks is encouraged and stimulated. The Institute actively participates in a number of international networks such as the Kaleidoscope Network of Excellence on Technology Enhanced Learning, the TENCompetence Foundation, devoted to building the European Network for Lifelong Competence Development, and the European Schools Project Association. In the past 10 years the Institute has been involved in research and development in five Information Society Technology (IST) projects, and has coordinated the Comenius3 Thematic ECOLE-Network.

Research results are presented at international forums, such as conferences and symposia, and published in international journals.